The International School of Screen Acting takes an holistic view of actor training which nurtures each student’s creative centre. The central ethos of the school is the necessity of ‘taking responsibility for one’s own actions’. Teamwork is the watchword of the school as film and Television are dependent on collaborative contributions by actors and artists. Time is also of an essence and students are encouraged to take note of it. Students are well supported by both Tutors and School directors and specialised counselling is available for students who may have issues. The School regards itself as a caring place of learning and takes pride in its ability to help students achieve their goals. We foster a real-world approach to the work as well as the environment.

Established in 2002 , ISSA was the first dedicated screen acting school in the UK.

We are the leading specialist screen acting school in the UK. This unique school offers One and Two-year full-time TV and Film acting courses, as well as part time courses. ISSA is located in the Heart of the prestigious 3 Mills Studios in London’s East End.

The school is surrounded by a constant hive of activity with highly regarded film and TV programmes made within its secure and picturesque setting.

Our courses specialise in providing actors with a rigorous and in-depth vocational training focused on performance for screen. Other training areas include horse riding, archery, screen combat, screen writing and funded student short film projects. This comprehensive training challenges each student to maximise their potential as they embark on a life changing journey. Encompassing increased self-awareness, personal development and their path towards a professional Career in the industry.

All full-time training culminates in a graduation screening at a local cinema and an on-line presentation for Agents, Casting directors and other industry professionals.

For more information please ring us on 020 8709 8719 or email us via our contact page