The audition/screen test will last approximately 3 hours and will take place at the International School of Screen Acting premises. ISSA auditions consist of three parts: A Group Workshop, A Screen Test and A Discussion with the audition panel.

The audition panel makes the final decision regarding entry to the School and the prospective student will be informed of the result within 14 days.

The panel will make its decision based on your potential to meet the demands of the course and your own merit. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a significant degree of talent, aptitude and commitment as well as the ability to make a positive contribution to, and benefit from, the course. The panel, will also consider evidence of commitment and desire to succeed, along with the ability to work creatively in a group environment.


We accept applications all year but auditions normally only take place from January to July. Please complete an Application form to be offered the next audition date available.


For more information please ring us on 020 8709 8719 or email us via our contact page

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