School Status
The School is recognised by Central Government’s National List of Learning Providers. Currently graduation students are awarded the Schools own ‘Certificate of Completion’.

Equal Opportunities
ISSA is committed to enabling equality of opportunity for all its students and staff within the context of the profession. Prospective students with disabilities are encouraged to discuss their needs fully with ISSA at the earliest opportunity.

The school recognises and welcomes all legislation and existing codes of practice produced by the appropriate Commissions for the promotion of equal opportunities for all.

Students are evaluated at the end of each module. All tutors supply a report for each student.

The School has a full working studio, with facilities for multi-camera acting, lighting and editing using professional equipment. Classrooms, a Green room, computers, a library and an administration office.

Books and Equipment
Students are informed of any specific requirements such as clothing, close to the start date.

There are no set books that should be bought for the course, but there are some that you may find sufficiently useful to warrant having your own copy. Guidance will be given at the start of the course. Students will be required to supply their own stationery.

International Students
ISSA welcomes applications from overseas students whose written and spoken English is of a high standard. Applicants should apply through the normal process and all fees are the same as UK students.

Regrettably, the school is unable to help International students obtain visas. All overseas students are advised to ensure that their visa adequately covers the duration of the course and if you are not an EU national or you have been resident outside the European Economic Area for at least three years prior to the start of your course.

International students must audition in person as we do not accept video auditions.

Car Parking
There is no student parking on the ISSA site.

Careers Guidance
The School maintains links with the profession and potential employers. The courses include the development of skills intended to prepare Students for employment, or develop your career further. Successful careers in the performing arts are achieved through your reputation which in turn depends on the actors attitude, professional discipline and adaptive creative process. The school aims to bring students into contact with potential employers in a variety of environments as a means of enabling you to bridge the gap from student to professional practitioner.

Performance Work/ Professional Engagements
ISSA does not permit students to undertake professional acting work of any kind during the course. Under no circumstances are students allowed to attend auditions or casting workshops during the school term.

Any professional engagements must be sanctioned by the office and no student is allowed to take time off from classes to work. Students are not permitted to partake in acting classes or courses at any other school. This includes working with private tutors.

There is no living accommodation immediately adjacent to ISSA, but all new students are offered help and information in seeking private accommodation near the school. Those accepted on to the course have the option to sign up to a flat share list where they can buddy up with other students looking for accommodation.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy
Illegal drugs are absolutely forbidden within ISSA. Being under the influence of drink or drugs during ISSA working hours will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in immediate dismissal.

Smoking Policy
ISSA is a non-smoking environment.

For more information please ring us on 020 8709 8719 or email us via our contact page