Voice & Speech

Janet Horn is a Voice, Accent and Dialect Teacher as well as a practicing Speech and Language Therapist. With an MA in Voice Studies from the Central School of Speech and Drama and a BSc Honours Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Janet has a unique ability to blend the artistic and scientific aspects of vocal development to help her students unlock their hidden vocal potential.

With a strong foundation in Alexander Technique, Janet aids her students in their vocal development through deepening their sensory appreciation of the relationships between alignment, release, breath and voice. Using an array of dynamic and imaginative techniques, Janet helps her students find the connection between impulse, voice and text and find nuance and colour in their performances.

With a passion for accents and dialects as well as a deep understanding of the cognitive processes underpinning speech sounds, Janet is able to expand her students speech sound repertoire to embody and perform accents with a sense of accuracy and ease.

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