An ideal introduction to Screen Acting techniques for all.

The Crash Course is a powerful and insightful program designed to explore the fundamental skills required for film and television acting. Whilst targeting students with some theatre experience who wish to gain valuable knowledge in working in front of the camera, this course can offer great insight for both individuals with no experience as well as intermediate actors looking to brush up their acting for screen skills.

Working with industry professional Mark Normandy, the 5 day course will cover:
Acting technique for Camera and understanding the difference between screen acting and theatre acting by experience it through practical work on screen.

• Speed Learning Script Technique
• Acting Continuity and Analysis
• Cinematic Poetics
• Audition technique and exploring different ways of presenting yourself at auditions and learning to get the most of the experience.
• Surviving in the Industry and gaining knowledge of CV development, getting head shots, working with agents and casting directors.
• Show Reel Coaching which is done on a day to day basis and which consists of practical camera work on a choice of material for both a monologue and duologue and which is shot on the last day of course.

The Show Reel material can be used by each individual to help enter the industry and introduce one self to agents and casting directors. All show reels are shot on the latest 4K technology camera offering full flexibility in editing and quality of image.

The Crash Course is ideal for anyone who wishes to obtain thorough and practical introduction to Acting for Screen. The friendly environment we create and the highly accessible and practical work will help anyone who attends the course to gain the knowledge, experience and confidence required to produce natural and engaging work in front of the screen and start their journey in the industry.

No audition required.

Minimum age of 18+ for the crash course with no upper age limit.

Times are 10.30am to 5pm. Monday to Friday

Cost £495.00
A deposit of £95.00 will be required upon acceptance of a place on the course.


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One Week Crash Course Dates for 2017:
Monday March 6 - Friday March 10, 2017
Monday May 15 - Friday May 19, 2017
Monday July 24 - Friday July 28, 2017
Monday August 21 - Friday August 25, 2017
Monday December 4 - Friday December 8, 2017

One Week Crash Course Dates for 2018:
Monday March 5 - Friday March 9, 2018
Monday May 14 - Friday May 18, 2018
Monday July 23 - Friday July 27, 2018
Monday August 20 - Friday August 24, 2018


For more information please ring us on 020 8709 8719 or email us via our contact page