The Combat Course is fast, intensive and focuses on equipping the student actor with the means to encompass the practical challenges of the demanding industry.

Screen Combat is a demanding performance discipline and the course is designed to give students all of the information and physical training to perform fights and action scenes to a high professional standard.

The course is essentially project driven with emphasis placed on ‘process not product’.

Developing professional practice is incorporated within the ambit of the project driven approach of ‘learning by doing’. This facilitates the opportunity for students to grasp the importance of teamwork.

As part of their professional development students are made aware of studio etiquette and environmental discipline so essential for working professionally in the TV & Film industry.

Subjects on the course include;

    • Screen Combat – Medieval, Western Brawl, Martial Arts, Modern Military Techniques (including Knife and Firearms Training), Greco Roman Technique, Swashbuckling.
    • Core Acting Subjects - Acting for Screen, Voice, Instant Acting, Script Analysis
    • Skills and Disciplines – Archery, Horse Riding, Thrown Weapons, Falls, Rolls and Throws.

Module 4 provides students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt/gained from the previous 3 modules in preparation for their graduation. This consists of a screening in a commercial cinema to the graduates and their guests exploring the work of the course.

The students are assisted in creating their own show reels from in house work which they can send out to industry contacts during the time leading up to graduation.


Class sizes are kept small facilitating individual attention. The course runs over four 8-week module, 5 days per week, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

Induction: Friday 7th October 2022
Module 1: Monday 10th October - Friday 2nd December 2022
Module 2: Monday 2nd January - Friday 24th February 2023
Module 3: Monday 20th March - Friday 12th May 2023
Module 4: Monday 29th May - Friday July 21st 2023
Graduation: Friday 21st 2023


The auditions run from January – July lasting approximately 3 hours taking place at the International School of Screen Acting consisting of four parts: A Personal Interview, a Screen Test, A Screen Combat Workshop and a discussion with the audition panel.

The audition panel makes the final decision regarding entry to the School and the prospective student will be informed of the result within 14 days.

The panel will make its decision based on your potential to meet the demands of the course and your own merit. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a significant degree of talent, aptitude and commitment as well as the ability to make a positive contribution to, and benefit from, the course. The panel will also consider evidence of commitment and desire to succeed, along with the ability to work creatively in a group environment.


For more information please ring us on 020 8709 8719 or email us via our contact page


Deposit:  £500.00 plus VAT £100.00 (Deposit Total: £600)

Course Fee: £12,000 including VAT (excl. Deposit)

Please note that deposit is refundable on completion of the course.
Deposits are payable 2 weeks after receiving notification of acceptance and guarantees a place on the course.

All fees are due 21 days prior to the start of each module.
The course fee is divided into four payments