Screen Combat

Sam Khan - PhotoSam Kahn is a Director, Fight Director and Choreographer, and is a Certified Teacher with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat.

He has Designed and Directed Fights with a Large Variety of Weapons, from Historical Beatings to Fights of Fantasy.

Following his Qualification with the BASSC, he has continued to instruct Students in the arts of Staged Violence, teaching courses that result in an Industry Recognised Qualification

Current Projects include a 19th Century Prize Fighting Short, Designing the Fighting for Film Performance Test, Directing with the Group ‘Impact’- a Fight Unit for Film, Theatre and Television and working on his Sixth Feature.

Sam works closely with Actors and Directors to ensure that they get the most out of fight scenes that they can. He also works with other Departments- Lighting, Sound, Costume and Make-up to ensure that Action Scenes are consistent with the rest of the Production

As regards Teaching, Sam has worked with many different educational organisations. His continued work with the International School of Screen Acting allows him to continually develop the Syllabus and Systems which he uses to teach Fighting for Stage and Screen, either for Serious Drama Students or for Groups looking for Fun Workshops

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