Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th August 2020
Price: £150 FOR TWO DAYS

Get compelling Actor showreel content for your reel that will get you castings by Ray Brady.

Showreels of new actors mostly contain cliched and visually boring static monologues to the camera i.e. in the style of Alan Bennet ‘Talking Heads’ or alternatively, elementary two-shot to cross-cut or over-the-shoulder shot pieces that are lacking in cinematic style and most definitely do not grab the attention of the viewer (director/producer/casting-director). Since these are so commonplace, they sadly simply are not memorable in any way.

I am offering you the chance to obtain affordable, visually striking and dynamic showreel content, content that you would normally only find on the best showreels being circulated, the showreels of established actors. How? By utilising high production values and techniques that impress will quickly capture the full attention of any viewer of your showreel. I will personally film the prepared and rehearsed pieces you bring (NB no longer than one 30 seconds in duration) so that they are considerably more memorable and impactful. I will help you to create key showreel content, that when you have it added to your showreel, will get you noticed and called in for castings.

Using dynamic camera movements that look cinematic and expensive. i.e. either Parallax, Gimbal (Steadicam), on-board, hidden-camera, table-dollies, camera clamp mounts, telephoto lenses, overhead camera angles, barrel roll camera moves or by shooting dynamic low angle or super wide angle perspectives. All the above shots are possible with great high-quality sound by using concealed lavalier mics connected to personal onboard pocket recorders or radio mic set-ups.

By using these camera and sound recording techniques I have been able to shoot in world-famous/recognizable locations without the need for expensive permits or the necessity for street closures by the police. This is how we can create footage for your showreels that will make you stand out from the crowd, showreel excerpts that will look like you were being filmed either acting in an incredibly expensive and therefore impressive, controlled and locked-down location, or acting in a major TV or movie production. All the above will be achieved by using ingenuity and applied, tried and tested guerrilla filmmaking techniques, utilising the latest filmmaking technology, empowering tools that will enable you to break away from the traditional shackles of newbie actor showreels and away from having one that is invariably full of clichés that only evoke ennui and failing to get you noticed.

What will you get from this course, well at least two cinematic, high quality 4K excerpts to download for your editor to edit into your showreel each day, and at least four excerpts if you attend the optional two days available, all filmed by a multi-award-winning feature film director, Ray Brady.


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Ray Brady's first feature "Boy Meets Girl" (1994) screened in competition at Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sitges, Viennale, Fantasporta and a dozen other major festivals and competitions. The film premiered at the NFT 1 and was screened at the ICA and at over forty other cinemas in the UK including the Glasgow film theatre and the Irish Film Centre in Dublin. With a career spanning over twenty-five years of filmmaking, Ray Brady's films have continued to win international awards and international distribution.