Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th August 2020
Price: £150 for two days

How to economically make a promotional short film, get an recognised pro credit, win yourself film festival awards. A master class by Ray Brady multi-award-winning director.

  • Learn how to form a small collective (or co-op), decide upon performance and production roles, having several roles or multiple roles will make it easier to move towards and through production.
  • Identify what talents you have and which ones you need to identify and source to make a short film.
  • Make a list of your potential production value assets. Let the completed list help you define where and what genre (style) of film you should shoot.
  • The script - Write (or find/acquire the rights to) a short film script that you can all agree upon that you would like to make. Should be for free but make sure that you get a signed short form agreement (template available) from the writer to allow you to make the script into a film.
  • Make a list of what equipment you have (or can borrow) and what you believe you will need to find.
  • Decide upon a budget
  • How to work out a shooting schedule
  • Decide upon a production date.
  • Insurance – less expensive than you think and a necessary expense.
  • Production management, health & safety, risk assessments, emergency services, planning for the unexpected and good working practises.
  • Post-production
  • Film festivals strategy.
  • A list of essential delivery materials - Getting together a list of what you will need as promotional & marketing materials expected by film festivals and possibly distribution companies.
  • Begin again with the advantage of experience. Don’t sit on your laurels, be prolific. Identify and bring in, new collaborators, to join your co-op.

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Ray Brady's first feature "Boy Meets Girl" (1994) screened in competition at Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sitges, Viennale, Fantasporta and a dozen other major festivals and competitions. The film premiered at the NFT 1 and was screened at the ICA and at over forty other cinemas in the UK including the Glasgow film theatre and the Irish Film Centre in Dublin. With a career spanning over twenty-five years of filmmaking, Ray Brady's films have continued to win international awards and international distribution.