The year is divided into four eight week modules, separated by approximately one month.
Course dates may be subject to date change at school’s discretion.

TERM DATES for 2020/21:

Please note, the school term dates are subject to change.

Induction: Friday 2nd October 2020

Module 1: Monday 5th October – Friday 27th November 2020

Module 2: Monday 4th January – Friday 27th February 2021

Module 3: Monday 22nd March – Friday 14th May 2021

Module 4: Monday 31st May – Friday 23rd July 2021


Monday March 8th  - Friday March 12th 2021

Monday May 17th – Friday May 21st 2021

Monday July 26th – Friday July 30th 2021

Monday August  16th – Friday August 20th 2021

Monday November 29th - Friday December 3rd 2021 

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